Year: 2000
Duration: 112 min
IMDb: 6.0
Country: USA
New York, 2000. A specter in the guise of the newly-dead CEO of Denmark Corporation appears to Hamlet, tells of murder most foul, demands revenge, and identifies the killer as Claudius, the new head of Denmark, Hamlet&#39s uncle and now step-father. Hamlet must determine if the ghost is truly his father, and if Claudius did the deed. To buy time, Hamlet feigns madness; to catch his uncle&#39s conscience, he invites him to watch a film he&#39s made that shows a tale of murder. Finally convinced of Claudius&#39s guilt, Hamlet must avenge his father. Claudius now knows Hamlet is a threat and even uses Ophelia, Hamlet&#39s love, in his own plots against the young man. Murder will out?